Eight Great (and Affordable) Resources for Kids who Love Art

art resourceWhat used to be our dining table is now covered with pieces of paper, colored pencils, crayons, scissors and glue. Sound familiar? My kids love to draw. They color during breakfast, sketch through lunch, and pre-dinner requests to clean up their artwork are met with resistance. Though I must admit that it’s tough to walk through Target without buying a new pack of glitter pens or writing pads, an artist friend once told me the best way to encourage kids to draw is to buy them quality supplies. We took her advice and have never regretted it!

These are some of our favorite books and supplies for endless art, as well as a few extra recommendations from GHFO’s art teacher, Lisa Lauffer.

How to Draw People (Dover How to Draw), Barbara Soloff Levy
A basic step-by-step instruction manual on how to draw all sorts of people!

How to Draw Faces (Dover How to Draw), Barbara Soloff Levy
Another book in the same series, just as fun. This series is perfect for the developing artist.

Art for Kids: Drawing: The Only Drawing Book You’ll Ever Need to Be the Artist You’ve Always Wanted to Be, Kathryn Temple
This book goes into greater detail about contours, shapes, and shadowing. Fantastic for the serious young artist.

Drawing With Children: A Creative Method for Adult Beginners, Too, Mona Brooke
This bestseller is written for the mature artist or parent-turned-art teacher. Brookes go into depth about art technique and teaching various types of learners. Instructions and examples accompany detailed lessons. Learn to draw alongside your kids!

Creative Lettering: Techniques & Tips from Top Artists, Jenny Doh
art resourcesFor the artist who is interested in going beyond the picture and learning lettering styles. The book covers the language of typography and includes examples from many artists.

Lyra Colored Pencils
This brand of colored pencils is our favorite, hands down. The triangular design is just right for small hands to grip. The colors are vibrant and the pencils are sturdy.

Prismacolor Colored Pencils
Another excellent brand of high-quality colored pencils. These pencils hold up well whether your artist is shading, shadowing, or creating bold lines. The brand offers a beginner set of 12 pencils, with additional collections of up to 150 different colors.

Castle Art Supplies Acrylic Paint Set
This quality paint set offers basic colors at an affordable price. There is nothing like a blank canvas and a good paintbrush to set your creative child free.

You might also check out biographies of famous artists, books about building, and more! Don’t forget to look for our GHFO schedule to sign up for Lisa’s highly sought-after art classes!


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