Brochures for the Border: Change the Way the World Responds to Gifted

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No matter what your political affiliation or belief, it is impossible not to recognize that forced separation from a parent for ANY reason is traumatic to a child, and the current situation at the border is ripe for the expression and misinterpretation of gifted intensities and twice-exceptionalities. At GHF, we’re … Continue reading

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A generous donor has offered $1,000 in matching funds! For every dollar donated above and beyond membership costs, our donor will match those funds, dollar for dollar. Say you donate $50. Your donation is now worth $100! If you donate $250, your donation is now worth $500! All at no … Continue reading

We need your help!

What is your favorite thing about GHF? The articles? The support group? The online classes? How about the books? Or the Facebook page? Don’t forget the free brochures. And what about the professionals page? What keeps bringing you back to GHF? Now that you’ve thought of the one, two, or … Continue reading