Book Explorers Club!

book explorer's clubYour child is at a friend’s birthday party, and you look around trying to spot them. They’re in the corner, reading.

You’ve asked your kid to take out the trash a dozen times. They still haven’t done it; you find them lying on the living room floor, reading. They haven’t registered your request even once.

It’s 2pm and you haven’t seen your kid yet. You go into their room to check on them. They have a pile of library books next to them, and another pile on the floor, and a book in their hands or propped in front of them.

Gifted kids and books attract each other like opposite poles on a magnet. For young kids, who may be reading at an advanced level, this might intimidate their peers. Even if their reading level is typical for their age, or they are late readers, story time and audiobooks may be preferable to playing with their age mates. They may want to do nothing but talk about their favorite books – or recite them out loud from memory.

Many homeschoolers today use online classes to varying extents as part of their curriculum. While online classes can be extremely beneficial, they are also often intimidating: new technology, new social rules, new people, lots of typing, oh noes! Starting with a virtual classroom early on gives students the chance to become comfortable with online classes, and can be helpful in developing strong typing skills.

book explorers clubWhether you’re simply looking for community for your early elementary student, or want to ease them into online learning, we designed The Book Explorer’s Club for you! Students ages 5-8 are invited to come together, talk about their favorite books, explore new books, and become comfortable with online classrooms. Our virtual classroom has a chat box AND microphones, so your student can communicate in the way that is best for them. The interactive nature of the course gives them the chance to make friends – and share their enthusiasm about books with other kids who are just as excited! Most importantly, it gives them a safe space to be themselves at an age when many gifted kids start realizing they’re a little different, even if they don’t consciously realize it yet.

So come along,
and don’t delay;
your kid’s still young –
sign up today!

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