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bloggersTo say that GHF: Gifted Homeschoolers Forum is a bounty, a treasure trove of information and support for gifted families, educators, mental health professionals, and medical providers is not completely true. GHF offers so much more than the resources, research, information, online classes, support groups, and publications you can find on their website! What more could GHF offer? How about the rich, knowledgeable, and diverse resource of the exceptional writings of the GHF Bloggers?

It’s an honor to be the manager and overseer of this exceptional group of bloggers, writers, and authors. But believe me, these driven, energetic, and gifted writers need no management from anyone—I just dole out reminders and do a bit of organization. For years, I have repeatedly been blown away at the depth of their knowledge, compassion for their readers, ability to intuit what readers want and need, and sense of humor, as well as the incalculable value of their writing to so many in the gifted community. Clearly, I adore and admire this group.

bloggersOur GHF Bloggers are quite varied in their professional backgrounds. We have public school teachers, musicians, educational professionals, university professors, psychologists, lawyers, editors, and parents who all bring so much experience and knowledge to our readers. Hailing from the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, the Philippines, the United States, and other countries around the globe, GHF Bloggers’ diverse writing resonates with GHF’s global audience. GHF Bloggers write for professional publications; have authored books; are sought-after speakers at homeschool, educational and other conferences; are educational consultants; are therapists; own their own businesses; are motivators, homeschool parents, instigators, entrepreneurs, volunteers, and healers. GHF Bloggers are indeed representative of the GHF community.

Check out the diversity of our bloggersblogs, which focus on homeschooling, twice-exceptional kids, parenting gifted children, educating gifted children, gifted adults, education, family life, college admissions, self-care, bullying, and many more topics of interest to gifted and homeschooling families, educators, mental health professionals, and medical professionals.

I’m sure by now that you’ll want to explore each and every blog from our GHF Bloggers. When you do, feel free to share their posts, ask them questions via the comments section on their website, visit their social media accounts, check out what other services they offer, and look into the books many have authored. Not surprisingly, our bloggers have developed deep and meaningful relationships with each other and their readers.

The GHF Bloggers are an integral part of the vast array of what GHF does and provides. We are the wheels on the bus, the gas in the engine, and we help make GHF the best resource on the web for education, homeschooling, and giftedness. Go on, check us out!

Image may contain: 1 person, closeupCeli Trepanier  has”managed” the GHF Bloggers for years. She has a vast and varied background in education. She received her B.S. from Loyola University in New Orleans and her M.Ed. from the University of Louisiana, Lafayette, then taught in Louisiana, Ontario, and Alabama, in public schools, private schools, and homeschool co-ops. She is the author of  Educating Your Gifted Child: How One Public School Teacher Embraced Homeschooling from GHF Press and she blogs at the popular Crushing Tall Poppies blog.


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