Extend Your Child’s Creativity with Build Upons

build upons lunchbox electronicsStandardized learning can be tedious and discourage creativity and critical thinking. Kids dig far more deeply through play and enjoyment. Opportunities to explore STEAM surround us, as long as we make room for it.

That’s the beauty of Build Upons: World’s Tiniest Light Up Bricks by Lunchbox Electronics, GHF’s new project partner.

Build Upons work with your existing LEGO® creations and are designed so that kids will learn the basic concepts of electricity while having fun building and creating. Light up your robot, house, or spaceship!

Learning can come from anywhere, not just formal education. Take Alicia Gibb, for example, the inventor of Build Upons. With no formal engineering background, Alicia taught herself electronics and works with friends at NYCResistor, a hackerspace in Brooklyn. She now teaches physical computing within the Engineering Dept at CU Boulder, and is the director of a lab/hackerspace called the Blow Things Up Lab. That professional path is a lot like what the future may hold for our kids.

Gifted and 2e kids are often passionate about their creations, yet are often stymied when they cannot bring their visions to life. Build Upons opens up new possibilities for design, while introducing new concepts for further exploration. And they are so easy to use!

When this 2.0 Kickstarter campaign reaches the goal of $30,000 in backing, they will create a limited run of LED Build Upons bricks. If you support Build Upons at the $45 level, you’ll get the Aficionado Build Upons Kit with 2 purple LED bricks and 2 green LED bricks added to the kit to represent support for GHF.

This kit includes:
5 white LED Bricks
2 purple LED Bricks
2 green LED Bricks
10 Bridge Bricks (brick color TBD)
2 Power Bricks (brick color TBD)
2 Battery Packs

Like the GHF community, Lunchbox Electronics believes that learning should be intuitive and fun. Build Upons combine the art and engineering of an R&D Lab with playful products, starting one LED brick at a time. They support all things #STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and open source hardware.

To learn more about this Kickstarter campaign, please go to Build Upons: World’s Tiniest Light Up Bricks.

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build upons lunchbox electronics


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