Museum of Science Fiction Hosts Escape Velocity!

Museum of Science Fiction Host: Escape Velocity!Have you ever created gum drop buildings with a Tie Fighter Pilot? Danced with a Klingon? Flown drones through an obstacle course? You can experience all these and more this Memorial Day Weekend! Check out Escape Velocity, hosted by the Museum of Science Fiction, a science meets pop-culture convention at National Harbor, Maryland, May 25 – May 27.

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What is the best part of Escape Velocity? As the Director of Education and Outreach for the Museum of Science Fiction, I equally love all the educational programming we provide. I am incredibly proud of our children’s workshops, hands-on activities, and the Educators Workshop we host each year. Though no parent is supposed to love any of their children more than any other, as a teacher and museum educator, I admit that my favorite piece of programming is the Educators Workshop.

Use discount code GHF20 to receive discounted tickets!

This will be the Museum of Science Fiction’s third year hosting the Educators Workshop during Escape Velocity. Designed with classroom and home educators in mind, our original goal in creating the workshop was to create an environment where teachers could explore creative ways to add Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) and STEAM (STEM with art) activities to their lessons. The programming for our Educators Workshop has always been aimed at grades 4-8 with the ability to scaffold the lessons up to meet the needs of advanced or gifted students, and scaffold down to allow students with special needs to participate. We use feedback from our past participants to help develop a program that supports the needs of all learners.

With all we have learned over the last two years, our goal has evolved. Initially, we wanted to provide an opportunity for people who teach children in a variety of situations to gain knowledge from each other’s experiences. We have now broadened our focus from teachers to educators, which makes a small but significant change to our workshop. By expanding beyond Museum of Science Fiction Host: Escape Velocity!traditional educational perspectives, the Museum of Science Fiction is creating a unique opportunity for educators to share knowledge from their field of expertise, as well as gain new insights. The Educators Workshop seeks to provide a stimulating atmosphere to learn, discuss, and share innovative ways to incorporate STEM and STEAM concepts and activities into a learning environment.

The programming for the Educators Workshop changes each year to reflect the theme of the convention, with the 2018 theme being “Other Worlds.” As we continue to develop and plan this year’s workshop, we are very excited to feature Josh Shaine, a GHF Online instructor, who will present on science fiction literature.Museum of Science Fiction Host: Escape Velocity!

If you are interested in learning more about Escape Velocity and attending our Educators Workshop (and meeting Josh) please check us out at

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MoSFJessica Paul is a special education teacher and big nerd. She is the daughter of a gifted teacher and has two gifted children of her own.  Jessica has been teaching students with special needs for 10 years. She specializes in incorporating life skills- including executive functioning and social skills -into class lessons for her students. Jessica thought she had died and gone to heaven when she was able to combine her passion for education and her science fiction/pop culture obsession as the Director of Education and Outreach for the Museum of Science Fiction.

Museum of Science Fiction Host: Escape Velocity!

Museum of Science Fiction Host: Escape Velocity!



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