The STEAM-Powered Education of Gifted Kids

by Gwyn Ridenhour, STEAM-Powered Classroom I’m pleased to be here with GHF as a guest blogger today. I am the creator and author of the STEAM-Powered Classroom website, where I talk about homeschooling, hybrid education, and a hands-on approach that values student empowerment and entrepreneurship. STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and … Continue reading

The Role of Competition Mathematics for College Admissions and Beyond

competition mathematics

Mathematical talent is more important than ever in today’s highly technical world, and yet, the US high school math curriculum still fails our students. Confused instruction and reliance on standardized testing do not produce students who have the creativity necessary to be tomorrow’s thinkers. Parents and students alike are seeking … Continue reading

It’s all in the cards! by Barry Gelston, M.Ed. of Mr. Gelston’s One Room Schoolhouse

by Barry Gelston, M.Ed., Mr. Gelston’s One Room Schoolhouse Want a fun way to kickstart your “not-school-year” of math? You can introduce and practice all kinds of math facts with even a simple card game. “War” is one game I love to recommend because it is so much fun, self-motivating and … Continue reading