The Gifted Brain

  1. Gifted Research and Outreach (GRO) is excited to share a summary of our initial literature review of the neuroanatomical and physiological differences in the gifted brain and contribute to the growing body of knowledge on neurodiversity.

Plenty of evidence suggests that the bodies of gifted individuals’ respond differently than the norm, and those differences impact all facets of these individual’s lives. Just as the medical field operated for years under the mistaken assumption that women’s bodies responded the same way as men’s bodies to medicine and procedures, and despite many empirically validated studies indicating otherwise, the medical, psychological, and educational communities continue to assume that the bodies and minds of gifted individuals react the same as non-gifted individuals.

The neurodiversity movement is providing new insight into outlier populations. While much study has been devoted to understanding both the physiological and psychological impact of individuals possessing developmental delays, far less research has been done on the physiological and psychological impact of giftedness. GRO’s mission reflects our belief that it is imperative for us to understand the differences in the physiology of the gifted population so that society does not continue to misdiagnosis and therefore mistakenly prescribe treatments that could undermine the physical and psychological development of this outlier population. We also believe that just as the study of cancer and HIV led to significant advancements in many seemingly unrelated areas of medicine, social services, and education, the increase in understanding in the gifted population will contribute to the understanding of all individuals.

As a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, GRO is committed to GiftedBrainpromoting a comprehensive and accurate understanding of giftedness by:

  • Researching the physiology of giftedness
  • Educating medical, psychological and teaching professionals about the physical and psychological impacts of giftedness
  • Cultivating a national outreach campaign to correct myths and inspire social change

As part of building the foundation for future research, GRO is currently conducting an in-depth literature review of the existing research on the neuroanatomical, genetic, gastrointestinal, metabolic, hormonal, neurochemical, microbiota, and sensory differences in the bodies of gifted individuals. Though we have just begun to review thousands of peer reviewed studies, it is clear there are many findings which indicate that gifted individuals indeed have physiological differences and that these differences play a role in both these individuals’ internal experience, as well as their behavior.

This article summarizes the main points of the academic paper of our literature review on the neuroanatomy and physiology of the gifted brain, which we are currently finalizing for peer review. As soon as we are able to share the academic version, we will post a link on our site.

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